Revolutionary Non-Invasive Diagnostic Techniques

At MEDICA 2023, Testcard will present their cutting-edge non-invasive diagnostic solutions that are intended to increase testing accessibility for both consumers and clinical settings. Their ground-breaking UTI test kit for use at home, which boasts accuracy on par with urine tests carried out in clinical settings. When combined with the mobile application, consumers may get precise test results right away from the comfort of their own homes. TestCard was established in the UK in 2017 with the goal of empowering individuals to take charge of their health by increasing testing accessibility globally. To maintain a full end-to-end trail back to the source for treatment, the system connects directly with each supplier.

The test findings are instantly digitally recorded by the ClearScreen app and sent to the electronic patient record (EPR) in a matter of seconds, making the information instantly available to all clinical teams. With tests including Single Covid, Covid/Flu dual test, Covid/Flu/RSV Triple test, Single RSV, Pregnancy, Strep A, CRP, D-Dimer, Troponin, and Monkeypox, Testcard's test portfolio is growing and helps create faster, more effective healthcare routes. With Testcard's platform technology, traditional testing becomes less necessary, saving time, effort, and money on lab costs and many sessions. Users may obtain reliable test results at home or in clinical settings because of the emphasis on accessibility and immediacy, which also allows for easy integration into electronic patient record systems for efficient treatment. Quick diagnostic testing relieves some of the strain on healthcare systems. Test findings may be produced more quickly and used right away, reducing risk for all parties involved. Additionally, it streamlines the patient pathway by decreasing test result delays through more efficient patient triage. (AK)