Medica Two Years After The Pandemic: What is New on Important Innovation in Medtech, Devices and Biotechnology?

More than 5,300 exhibitors from over 70 countries coming together on one of the world's most important medical B2B trade shows which is called MEDICA, and it is held in Düsseldorf since decades. This article features the latest news from a broad selection of cutting-edge news, technologies, trends in innovative products and services from the domains of medical imaging, lab technology, diagnostics, health IT, mobile health, physiotherapy/orthopedic technology, and medical supplies.

In the laboratory, a great deal of data is produced for research, clinical investigations, and diagnostic purposes. It is hard to manage time to organize and make use of huge amounts of data using current approaches. Because of this, it is even more crucial that algorithms are employed to hunt for patterns in the data and assist in locating the answers needed. What this can entail might be learned at MEDICA 2023 at the MEDICA LABMED FORUM.

The way individuals track, diagnose, and treat their health is being revolutionized by wearables, mHealth, and applications. Opportunities like more patient autonomy and preventative care are brought about by this shift, but there are also is the need for solutions including data accuracy and privacy and availability. These technologies and their application to healthcare will be the main topics of discussion at MEDICA 2023. In addition to other topics, experts will talk about outpatientization at the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM.

One of the industries that uses the most resources currently is healthcare. On the one hand, this relates to the traditional consumables that are regularly utilized in patient care, diagnosis, and treatment. After usage, they are irreversibly disposed of since they need to be burned for hygiene reasons. Still, is there no other option? Indirect resource and carbon savings are also possible for the healthcare system; for instance, by depending more on telemedicine than on in-person trips to the doctor's office or hospital.

Come learn more about the most recent developments at MEDICA, November 13–16, 2023! (AK, MA)