IncedoTM Assists Stroke Patients in Walking Again

Working closely with physicians who often interact with stroke patients, Nordic-NeuroSTIM has created innovative techniques for walking rehabilitation. The sole of the foot receives stimulation when receiving nociceptive reflex treatment, this encourages the patient to raise and take a step by activating the body's natural withdrawal reaction.

A broad group of scientists and engineers with backgrounds in integrated neuroscience and stroke rehabilitation formed this startup in 2013 in Aalborg, Denmark. Regaining the freedom to move independently and freely is a crucial milestone for many stroke patients, who frequently experience gait (walking) issues. When combined with other training techniques, reflex-based treatment can be utilized to help patients walk with the assistance of a therapist or with weight-reduced treadmill training.

The patient's shoes are fitted with the foot sensor. It has many sensors dispersed throughout the sole of the foot. An automated selection process chooses the best sensor for walking detection. On the patient's inside sole is a single integrated electrode. Both the active and return electrodes make up the electrode used to trigger the withdrawal response. The patient cable is linked to both the electrode and the foot sensor. Next, the therapist decides on a stimulus level that causes the withdrawal response. Combinations of weight-reduced treadmill training, over-the-ground walking, and other comparable current techniques are used in gait (walking) training.(WJ)