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The site is part of corporate communications, but in no way represents direct advertising for the company itself or its products. Rather, our aim is to provide information about the most common cause of death worldwide and, with the help of site users, to build a platform for exchanging ideas about Stroke, heart attacks and Preeclampsia.
The online portal – journalistic principles.

www.herzinfarktdiagnose.de. is a journalistic online medium that brings together current and comprehensive information on the topics of the Stroke, Heart Attack and Preeclampsia and prepares it in a user-friendly manner. The aim is to make essential and relevant knowledge accessible to a broad audience. The editorial team follows journalistic principles. Reference should be made to the fact that the public is informed truthfully and in compliance with the duty of care when obtaining information. In addition, point 14 of the German Press Council's code (publication of medical topics) deserves particular attention. This states that when reporting on medical topics, an inappropriately sensational presentation that could arouse unfounded fears or hopes in the reader should be avoided. Additionally, research results that are at an early stage should not be presented as complete or nearly complete.

The target groups

The developers  want to appeal to as large an audience as possible. Both laypeople and specialists can obtain a wide range of well-researched and understandable information here. We particularly want to address those affected by heart disease. Not only are you given the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge comprehensively and independently - the topic portal also sees itself as a platform for the exchange of experiences and expanded contact between patients, relatives, doctors, and other specialists.

The way through the portal

The thematic portal offers every visitor the opportunity to find their own way to the information they want. You can access the central content via the main menu. There you will find out basic information.

     Stroke Disease
     Heart Disease
     Preeclampsia Disease

Registration - specialist information

You can register on our pages. By registering you will receive corresponding access data for an area that is not generally accessible. There you will find further information on specialist topics. This area is aimed primarily at specialist groups such as doctors, scientists, or clinical staff, for whom further information from the health sector in general and specifically on main topic issues is provided.

The editorial office

The editorial team of the portal is made up of a mix of experienced journalists and young professionals from the media sector. The team are:

Editor-in-Chief/Publisher: Ernest Kapetanovic (EK)
Editor-in-Chief: Sam Yastas (SY) 

Science Journalists/Editors

Dr. Milenko Kujovic (MK)

W. Jacobi (WJ)

A. Kaba (AK)

M. Ademi (MA)

A. Hawrani (AH)

I. Kapetanovic(IK)